Research Journal 23 May 2012

First interview today, went well, great to test out the equipment and questions. Considered changing the questions to be more specific, but will wait and see how they go in a few more interviews. The ambiguity of them is good and bad as they can incite unexpected answers but not necessarily the ones I’d hope for. To do: transcribe the interview and return it to the person for review. Establish questions for up and coming interview on Friday – to focus on independent living arrangements, support technologies and processes and overall outcomes from professional involvement.

Research Journal: Equipment purchase


Now ready to get started on interviews. I have emailed my wish list and have been in contact with two interviewees. Currently in the process of finalising one set of questions and an interview scrip. Two more sets of questions, maybe even looser and more topic driven conversations.

I’m realising how much of a novice I am at interviews. I will Google the etiquette for this kind of thing.  Very excited and nervous.

Research Journal: 11 MAY

The research has begun! I had a very successful meeting with someone from Vision Australia this morning. I have finalised my PLS and Consent form. Abstract is always changing but now reflects more what I feel I will be doing. The meeting has really helped me build a list of questions to ask.

I must develop a set of questions for the professionals as well. I am planning to meet more people within the independent living services within Vision Australia. Please give them support they are doing amazing work!