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Haptic Proximity Module

HPM on instructables

The Haptic Proximity Module, or HPM, is an open-source assistive technology for people with Low Vision. Relying on ‘off-the-shelf’ components, the HPM, intends to contribute a low-cost customisable solution for vision impaired users. It has been featured on

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MobiDes by The Scale of Things


The product of a design collective, The Scale of Things, MobiDes was a pop-up shop and mobile cart that sold locally designed and crafted goods from Melbourne [Australia] based makers. It ran over a two week period during the 2011 State of Design Festival in Melbourne, Victoria. Click here to see how we set-up and packed-down the shop.

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Interactive Reader

Interactive Reader

A collaborative effort, the document is designed to assist newcomers to interactive technology, covering the basic inputs and outputs that are available for the arduino environment.

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RMIT Art & Design Experience Day Workshops


This workshop introduced four groups of high school seniors to the process of design sketching and prototyping by asking them to design and make a lampshade. Using paper to prototype lampshades, students were able to experiment with translating their drawings into real life. The workshop was conceived and facilitated with Glenn Stephenson.

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Designing Digital Archives


Designing Digital Archives was an upper-pool studio at RMIT Industrial Design. The brief required an interactive solution that would showcase the unique artwork and textiles of Dr. Frances Mary Burke to primary and secondary school students.  Housed in the RMIT Design Archives, there was a need to help the students engage with Dr Burke’s textiles while they were in storage or behind a display case. The solution sought to explore the process of patterns and shapes using a touch display surface and tangible markers. More than one student could engage with the exhibit at once.

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Photography has been a medium of creative expression and documentation. It has allowed me to craft an image in my mind into something tangible. I have naturally fallen behind the camera and captured images of people, places and things that I love and find intriguing.

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