Research Journal 20 MARCH

Abstract is finally complete after a bit of anguish and uncertainty of how I want to go about this research project.

Best to just start. Somewhere/anywhere! Have a read of the abstract here.

My research now has two main stages:

1. Establish relationships with stakeholders and begin to understand their position through semi-structured interviews.

2. Once I have a solid data set of people’s experience I need to begin thinking and creating Technology Probes to begin addressing problems and find opportunities for intervention.

BUT for now (maybe in order)…

  • a plain language statement
  • work out what organisations and who to approach
  • establish some base questions
  • form an outline of the semi-structured interview
  • approach the organisations and individuals
  • interview/talk to them.



  1. Sounds really interesting so far! Congrats!
    One pointer from the beginning – based on my own experience. Tools will be useless if also not designed with the mobility problems of old age in mind. Example: small screws, anything that requires manual dexterity (shaking hands can’t focus hand-hand mags). So AMD does bring a double whammy – age-related issues as well as vision issues.
    Steady on!


  2. Thank you Sharon! Yes, this “double whammy” came up in one of the papers about CCTV magnifiers and their finicky control knobs. I’m hope to create auditory or haptic (touch) feedback tools at this stage – hopefully this and my assumptions are going to change as I go forward!


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