Haptic Proximity Best (HPB) Components for Build V1.0

At this stage the belt is wired as correctly as I can imagine. I did make the mistake of connecting positive to negative and vice versa. This was corrected and now I’m having problems with the code, as only one sensor and motor combination is working.

In terms of sensor placement, it seems ideal for my body shape. It is restricted in the sense that it is unable to be worn by a person with a smaller or larger girth of tummy than myself.

Once the coding bugs are sorted (refer to this post), I will be able to test things like battery life.

My plan is to simplify the assembly and break it down into components. This will require some cadding and hopefully some rapid prototyping!!

Wiring and programming Arduino

Ultrasonic Sensor attached with zipties

Vibration Motor on the read of the belt.

Parts laid out before the belt build

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